The ultimate aspiration of the Gordita Gordita fashion brand is to make women feel unique, classy and empowered.

Beauty has no size so let’s embrace it fully.
Gordita Gordita believes that quality is very important and we choose only the best fabrics to ensure this. An outfit has to be beautiful and also practical.

That’s why we came up with Gordita Gordita with a twist! Being a busy woman we don’t have much time to waste.

What if you could make life easier by having a reversible dress? Yes you can wear your Gordita Gordita outfit during the day and after work you just reverse it and have a totally new outfit for your dinnerdate. Life doesn’t get easier.



Gordita Gordita not only has her collection but we also like to design something unique for our costumers.  We can evaluate with you want your wishes are. For the more daring women who love to be surprised we can design a surprise outfit. You can make an appointment and we will make sure you will shine with your costume made Gordita Gordita.

Be one in a million and get Gorditazed.